What we do

World Spa Awards serves to celebrate and reward excellence in spa and wellness tourism through our annual awards programme. We aim to inspire exceptional standards and connect spa consumers with the best in spa and wellness tourism.

As a global brand, we have the unique ability to offer international status of excellence and increase awareness to the spa and wellness industry. What are you waiting for? Enter your spa or wellness property now or view our winners and begin your spa and wellness journey with World Spa Awards.

Our story

The World Spa Awards was created in 2015 in response to the gap in the awards industry market to recognise and award achievements within the spa and wellness industry.

We began as a small organisation that showcased the international, hardworking spa and wellness industry and awarded the best locations, brands and experiences on offer. We’ve since become a well respected, internationally recognised organisation that inspires spa and wellness excellence.

Our annual gala ceremonies provide an opportunity for the spa and wellness industry to come together and celebrate their achievements. These events are a highlight within the spa and wellness industry, provide an opportunity for industry networking and inspire a sense of community within the industry.

Since 2015 we have also developed a social media presence as we showcase previous winners and current nominees. This allows for constant recognition of the spa and wellness industry whilst also connecting with the spa and wellness consumer to direct traffic between the two.

World Spa Awards is part of a wider programme that awards excellence within industry, beginning with World Travel Awards launched in 1993. Our sister programmes include World Ski Awards and World Golf Awards.

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