World Spa Awards will officially announce the 2022 winners on our website, across our social media channels and via our media partners on 5 October 2022. We invite all winners to share their success from this date.

Digital Celebration

The 2022 World Spa Awards will once again be a digital celebration of our spa and wellness winners. When winners are announced on 5 October 2022 we encourage you to join us by sharing your celebratory photos, stories, reels and videos with your industry peers and loyal spa consumers using the hashtag #worldspaawards2022 on social media. Our savvy social media team will be ready to share your posts across our social media platforms for a virtual ‘cheers’ and to ensure maximum exposure to our significant social media following.

Promotional Winner Products

To further enhance your World Spa Awards 2022 title, we are pleased to offer the following marketing tools and products:

Photocall invitation

Your success is thanks to the hard work and dedication of your entire team who take so much pride in their well-deserved win. We loved seeing some of your impromptu team photographs after last year’s programme. In honour of their commitment to the spa and wellness community we invite you to submit a photograph of your spa and wellness team. We will add these photographs to our 2022 World Spa Awards photo gallery and include them across our social media platforms.

Submit your photographs via WeTransfer to [email protected]. If possible, please include names and titles of those photographed. Submissions remain open throughout 2022.


For more information please contact the World Spa Awards team:
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7925 0000

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