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World Spa Awards 2015 Winner

The Spa at Strawberry Hill

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Stress drops away and healing begins as you wander down winding, flower-scented paths to our soothing spa. The pure air and stunning vistas of mountains soaring all around you make the everyday worries slip away. The Spa is tucked in a secluded nook of the mountainside, ensuring a private escape. Ease into one of the airy, indoor/outdoor five treatment rooms and let our experienced Spa Therapists work their relaxing magic. You will be treated to our locally gathered botanicals featuring native pimento, ginger, lemongrass and coconut. The potency and purity of our preparations are second to none. Our signature treatment, the Blue Mountain Elixir Body Scrub, utilizes local coffee grounds mixed with heated coconut oil, followed by a rejuvenating 60-minute deep tissue body massage and hydrotherapy session.

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