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FieldSpa at GoldenEye

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Located on a stunning 52-acre site, GoldenEye is the former home of world-renowned author Ian Fleming and the birthplace of his character James Bond. Consisting of private villas, huts and cottages, multiple restaurants and bars, secluded beaches, lush gardens, and a natural lagoon, GoldenEye stands apart from the crowd. It holds a rich history of diverse guests, influencers, artists, writers and visionaries. Today, GoldenEye is owned by Island Records founder, Chris Blackwell, and continues to offer a unique escape from the noise, distractions, and tourist traps of the world around – much like it once did for Mr. Fleming. It’s a peaceful oasis that welcomes creativity and authenticity, with a minimum regard for convention. It’s a home away from home that allows one to reconnect with themselves and the beautiful natural world around. One love!

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