Tue 10 September 2019

Walking into Westfield London in Shepherd’s Bush, the last thing you expect to find is a calming oasis.

A slim hallway wedged between Burberry and Gucci in Westfield’s luxury outpost 'The Village' leads you to Natura Bissé's inaugural London spa – the first standalone spa for the brand outside of Spain.

There, you’re greeted by the softly-spoken receptionist and you have to look down the hallway to remember you’re still inside a mall - it feels like a completely different world.

After you’re offered a glass of their signature tea with orange blossom, lavender and elderflower, prepare to be whisked away into one of the luxe treatment rooms for an hour of pure pampering.

Famous for:

Known for its innovative and luxurious products made from high performing active ingredients, Natura Bissé was named the world’s best spa brand at the 2018 World Spa Awards.

Established in 1979, the Spanish brand quickly gained a cult following due to its visible and lasting effects on the skin and have long been stocked in a myriad of London spas like the W London, the Baglioni Hotel, The Savoy and Harrods.

The treatment:

The Diamond Collection has long been a particular favourite among skincare fanatics – Beyoncé is reportedly a fan of the Diamond Life Infusion, the only product by the brand that contains diamond powder. The latest addition to its Diamond range is the Diamond Cocoon collection, which coincides with the launch of the ‘red carpet facial’, the Diamond Cocoon Experience.

The Diamond Cocoon Experience has been designed to reverse environmental damage on the skin (read: London pollution) and make your skin glow.

There are three steps to this 60-minute treatment – fortify, shield and liberate – that, combined, leaves skin purified and radiant.

Natura Bissé Spa at The Village has just three treatments rooms, all soothing, spacious and with soft rosy lighting. Before you go in, you fill in a form to explain your medical history and detail the pressure you would like the massage (this facial includes a neck, shoulder and arm massage).

The heated bed is soft and cushioning which, combined with the gentle music and 99.9 per cent pure filtered air being pumped into the room, makes it easy to relax.

Your therapist will begin by applying an enzyme charcoal cleanser to your skin which can help to purify the pores before applying a prebiotic essence with a hydrating facial massage. To complete the liberating stage of the treatment, your therapist will apply an intensive exfoliation serum topped with a mask to help make your skin luminous.

The fortifying stage comes next and consists of a prebiotic super-concentrate – the step that combats pollution – before a prebiotic balm mask is applied to nourish the skin. You’ll then have another facial massage, this time with the Diamond Cocoon Sculping Tool, a cooling roller to encourage your skin to absorb the ingredients.

Finally, the shield element of the facial covers your skin with film that has a light lifting effect which can protect it from pollutant particles and blue light.


An hour-long facial is truly the optimum facial length, not too long that you fall asleep but not too short that you don't feel the serums working. After an hour in one of the Natura Bissé treatment rooms, you’re left with smooth skin and clean pores thanks to the intensive exfoliation. The spa itself is lovely and the therapists are experts in skincare and know what treatments will be best for your skin.

You’ll leave feeling…

Radiant, glowing and happy you can sleep in for an extra 10 minutes tomorrow because you won’t want to wear makeup when your skin looks this good.


The Diamond Cocoon Experience is available at Natura Bissé Spa at The Village during February and is £160 for 60 minutes. It will be launched in LA at the end of February before being rolled out worldwide. naturabisse.com/

Source: https://www.standard.co.uk/beauty/spas/natura-bisse-spa-at-the-village-westfield-review-a4064761.html

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