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About Inanna


Welcome to Inanna Medical Spa in Berlin, a sanctuary where transformative wellness and profound care meet groundbreaking innovation. Led by Anna Baret Gulueva, we champion a holistic approach to beauty, viewing it as a reflection of overall well-being.

Our strategy is anchored in three pillars: advanced medical cosmetics, innovative aesthetic medicine, and pioneering cellular nutritional medicine. We begin every client relationship with detailed skin and hair analysis, followed by personalized treatments tailored to individual needs. This commitment ensures every experience not only revitalizes but transforms.

Inanna is also uniquely inclusive, certified as a Mami-Spa and Wellness for Cancer facility, offering supportive care for all clients, including expectant mothers and cancer survivors.

Voting for Inanna Medical Spa in the World Spa Awards supports a vision where wellness merges with aesthetic care, fostering a legacy of healthier, enhanced lives. Join us in redefining beauty and wellness. Vote for transformation. Vote for Inanna.

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