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Skin care by science

Maturing means a magnificent on-going process of personal growth. Where wisdom comes with age and while becoming a better life manager, the skin matures and exhibits our position of the maturing progress. Knowing there is nothing that can be done on naturally failing oestrogen levels, nor on pre-coded genetic factors NANNIC dedicated itself to the multiple external influences of how skin ages and how we herewith can help blunt their damage.

This NANNIC scientific approach goes back to the origin(s) that might have caused certain malfunctions leading to a visible skin problem. No quick fixes but rather regenerating and rebalancing complexes to offer the metabolism its own forces to restore.

The used complexes combine multiple natural ingredients and are a result of a scientific cooperation between the NANNIC laboratories and several worldwide research teams or universities. These blends of synergetic working micro forces stimulate the metabolites while inhibiting the aggressor.

A NANNIC cared skin is a healthy groomed skin!

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