VILLA EDEN - The Private Retreat (Italy)

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About VILLA EDEN - The Private Retreat (Italy)


VILLA EDEN – Inspirations for a life-changing experience

Welcome to VILLA EDEN, an idyllic haven of peace, regeneration and wellbeing nestled in the breathtaking setting of Merano, the iconic spa town in the Italian Alps.

This exclusive retreat, a proud member of the Leading Hotels of the World, offers just 25 suites, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience. Owned by the visionary couple Angelika and Hannes, VILLA EDEN stands out as the epitome of modern luxury vacations, seamlessly blending world-class hospitality, Michelin Star-awarded chefs, and the distinction of being named the "Best Destination Spa in Europe" by CondéNast.

VILLA EDEN’s mission is both simple and ambitious: to seamlessly blend health and rejuvenation with the indulgence and delights of a holiday. Our goal is to foster what we call "better aging," promoting a high-quality lifestyle that enhances longevity and well-being.

This oasis beckons guests seeking a transformative holiday—a holistic blend of relaxation, exploration, and a truly life-changing experience. Welcome to a place where every moment is crafted for your well-being and delight. Welcome to VILLA EDEN.

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