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World Spa Awards 2023 Winner

Kurotel - Longevity Medical Center and Spa


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Tradition and pioneering spirit for over 40 years 

A place to receive clients and help them achieve well-being and happiness, through the most modern health-oriented technological resources. A place where people can rediscover themselves with health care in a humanized way where it is possible to diagnose diseases before they arise, control stress levels, provide weight control, and promote the revitalization of the body as a whole.  

Located in Gramado, a city known as the "Brazilian Switzerland," with spacious, sophisticated, and welcoming facilities, Kurotel is a true retreat for those who wish to "turn inward" and leave there even better than they entered. With views of nature, plenty of natural light, and expansive, inviting spaces, the surroundings invite relaxation and reflection. 

Kurotel is widely recognized as the best luxury medical spa in Brazil and in the Americas, having received this title for several years.  

Its founder, Dr. Luis Carlos Silveira, is considered one of the greatest medicines names in Brazil being recognized as pioneer in Preventive Medicine. 

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