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World Spa Awards 2021 Winner

Kempinski The Spa at Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok


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Kempinski The Spa has its own tranquil atmosphere, offering an escape from the urgency of life on the streets below. Believing that there is a season for everything and that everyone is attuned to the rhythm of the seasons, Kempinski The Spa provides natural treatments which aim to restore to guests the harmony of nature, which can be broken by the modern urban lifestyle.

Kempinski The Spa is a journey inspired by the European cycle of four specific seasons. This seasonal massage, available exclusively at Kempinski The Spa, has been created with inspiration from the yearly cycle of the seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each cycle within the treatment has been created to synchronise with the guest’s mental and physical state. Importantly, the spa’s therapists assess the precise requirements of each guest before selecting the appropriate treatment by using unique Thai massage techniques. 

Our philosophy lies in restoring the powerful effect of nature, either by adapting to the outside environment or by restoring inner balance. Kempinski The Spa uses the wisdom of plants, flowers and herbs in all its treatments.

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