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World Spa Awards 2022 Winner

Chenot Advanced Detox Programme at Chenot Palace Weggis (Switzerland)


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Chenot Advanced Detox Programme – Unleash the self-healing power of your body

Voted as last year’s World Best Detox Programme, this is the pillar programme of Henri Chenot and it aims to induce a deep purification and detoxification of the body. It supports the natural processes to excrete metabolic waste and toxins, to repair defective tissues and to restore hormonal balance. 

The programme includes medical consultations, advanced diagnostic tests, a low-calorie plant-based nutritional plan, and targeted treatments. Working in synergy, effective detoxifying action is achieved. The treatments and the diet are carried out under strict medical supervision. The treatments consist of cellular resonance therapies, particular massage techniques using cupping, electrostimulation and essential oils, hydro-aromatherapies with plant extracts, salt minerals and variations in water temperature and pressure as well as plant-based mud wrapping applications enriched with pure microalgae and invigorating high-pressure showers. It is beneficial to everyone, and to those who follow unhealthy habits and a sedentary lifestyle.

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